Top 5 Fruits To Shred Those Extra Pounds, Increase Energy And Feel Great

It doesn’t take a nutritionist to know that fresh fruits are a far better source of nutrition than processed foods and snacks. 

Your average tree-grown produce contains many vitamins and minerals that improve body functions and healthy natural sugars for energy and delectable flavorings. 

The following list celebrates those fruits that have received much acclaim for their capacity to burn fat and support weight loss routines. 

In addition to being delicious and nutritious these fruits are also filling, thus providing the capacity to curb cravings and set healthy eating habits

The benefits are nothing less than an improved life, your cognitive function will be improved with proper fuels, and your energy levels increased as your digestive system is optimized. 

So, what are we waiting for, here are some of the things to look out for at your next trip to the produce section. 

1. Avocado – The “Original” Meal in itself

This fruit is at the top of the list for good reason. There is no better fruit for losing weight

Avocado is high in Omega-9, avocados boost metabolism and fat burning capacity.  

Being very filling you can split open the fruit and eat it out of the skin with a little salt and maybe a drop of lemon juice. 

Think of all the salads, soups and Guacamole’s you could make from this. 

2. Lemon – The Vitamin Cocktail

Keeping your body high in nutrients is an important part of an active weight loss plan. 

Lemon juice contains Vitamin B & C, riboflavin, magnesium and phosphorus.  There is no better way to start your day than with a healthy dose of detoxifying goodness. 

3. Watermelon – The Edible Water

This fruit deserves special mention because you can eat as much as you like all day and be the better for it. 

Watermelon is made of mostly water, and the fibrous pulp contains vitamins C, B and A along with lycopene, which is essential to building a healthier heart and fighting cancer. 

Watermelon is also filling (so you can’t eat it ALL day) and after a few healthy slices you can get back to your work, studies or play without the pangs that would normally lure you to the doughnut shop. 

4. Bananas – The Ultimate Hunger Buster

When eaten in their green state your bananas are lower in sugars and higher in healthy soluble starch. 

Just eat one greenish banana and sip on a cup of water and see if you don’t make it to dinner time with never a thought of being hungry. 

You will also find this starch an impressive energy booster to physical power activities and weight loss regimens. 

5. Grapefruit – The Breakfast of Champions

Studies have shown that weight watchers who begin their day with a healthy grapefruit have an edge on the competition. Grapefruits are high in carbs that can replenish the body after fasting the previous night and also have high-quality fiber to keep the digestive process in optimal conditions. 

Furthermore, you can kick your morning grapefruit up a notch with a teaspoon of brown sugar and a kitchen torch – Grapefruit Brule!

Ensure you change your routine to incorporate the above fruits into your diet to increase your energy levels, feel great, but more importantly shred those pounds.